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How to beat the odds and get more appointments and more new customers for every prospecting hour you invest.

Whether you’re calling from a cold list or targeting a specific prospect, our research tells us that the odds are stacked against you.

For the typical seller, it takes up to 100 calls to book 2-4 first appointments. (100 calls yields 99 contacts with gatekeepers, yields 40 prospect contacts or voice mails, yields 6 - 10 booked appointments which, after cancellations and schedule changes, yields 2 - 4 qualified appointments at a cost of 8 hours of selling time.)

And if you’re targeting a single prospect, you can expect to make five to
seven attempts over several weeks or months before you nail down that first appointment.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Winning at Prospecting provides new ammunition to help you beat those odds and convert more cold prospects into qualified appointments and warm new customers in less time.

Winning at Prospecting gives you 66 proven techniques used by the best new-business developers to beat the odds . . .

One financial services sales manager told us that his sales team members set one appointment for every 2.3 prospects they spoke to after applying the techniques in this book. 23 calls to book 10 appointments versus a more typical yield in his industry of 67 calls. Nearly a 3:1 productivity difference!

Nick Miller—author of The Sales Accelerator and President of Clarity Advantage—has helped dozens of sales organizations in leading companies crank up their prospecting performance.

Here are a few of the business-building techniques you’ll learn in Winning at Prospecting:

  • Three types of questions to build trust and communicate interest in your prospect and his/her company. (See page 60.)
  • How to select the actual benefits your prospects want to buy. (See page 77.)
  • How to present those benefits with more power and clarity. (See page 88)
  • How to dig out your prospects’ decision criteria to build a relationship and gain their business. (See page 80)
  • What to say when your prospects take your ideas to their current providers. (See page 75)

Winning at Prospecting gives you examples that make it easy to apply every one of the 66 techniques to your own situation . . .

Here’s one to catch prospects’ attention fast when introducing yourself:

You're mingling with others. Someone turns to you and says, “Hello, I'm Fred Smith from the Amoximated Company. What do you do?” You don't know Fred, you don't know what's important to him or what he's listening for. How do you respond?

(1) “Hello. Fred, I'm a senior relationship manager at ABC Company based here in the city. I manage our major account relationships in the consumer packaging industry. I work with a team of people who bring expertise from several important financial and technical disciplines to help our clients manufacture more efficiently.”

Or . . .

(2) “Hello, Fred. I work at ABC Company. I help consumer packaging companies reduce manufacturing costs five to ten percent.”

The first one is an EFFORT description — a job title and job description, bland, passive, pabulum. The second one is a RESULT — crisp, unapologetic, provocative. If Fred wants more discussion, the starting line is bold and clear.
Listen, next time you're mixing with others. What do you hear? Effort or results?

Here’s another for selling Quazipost's (fictional company) online postal services. It demonstrates how to grab your prospect’s attention by adding interest and value to your prospecting communications:

. . . whether you're making a phone call or sending a fax or email, give your prospect something to work with: you need to express something that's INTERESTING, VALUABLE, or both (interesting and valuable is really good).

Here's an example:

80% of my clients pay 15% too much postage. We save typical customers $30 a month . . . a nice lunch out.

Try Quazipost for three months. If you don't save $30, send Quazipost back and I'll send you lunch. (You can eat while you stand in line at the Post Office.)

Click “Free Lunch” at our Web site. Register to receive “18 Easy Ways to Drive Postal Workers Nuts” (a free, handy pamphlet), and I'll call to begin your trial period.”

Apply any one of these techniques consistently and routinely and look for an immediate incremental increase in prospecting results.

Download Winning at Prospecting today!

Here's to your prospecting success,

Andy Bromberg,
E-Publishing Director
Clarity Advantage Corporation

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