Purchasing is a business decision - not a product choice. Consultative selling isn't enough anymore. Clients don't need us for information, or product differentiation, or even product identification. They need us to help them develop perspective and facilitate the complex business decisions they must manage before they make purchases or take action.

Sitting in the same sales chair, doing whatever we've always been doing, and calling it "trusted advisor" won't work. The role of sales must expand. Sellers need additional skills.

Miller and Morgen bring you a revolutionary program to offer the newest thinking in the field. Learn to develop Trusted Advisor client relationships by facilitating your clients through their complex decisions. Through the Trusted Advisor Series, you will significantly increase your ability to:

  • Open strategic conversations quickly.
  • Help clients discover new insights and undiscovered
    options faster.
  • Manage complex decisions efficiently.
  • Promote vendor and product differentiation.
  • Win business without responding to RFPs.
  • End objections and gatekeeper misfires.

By truly serving your clients as a decision facilitator, you will become a Trusted Advisor and separate yourself from your competition. Through the Trusted Advisor Series, you’ll learn skills that sales programs do not teach – the actual how-tos – of how to effectively partner, communicate, support, and facilitate client decisions: The Buying Facilitation Method®


- Part 1-
Foundations for Trusted Advisor Relationships

Led by Nick Miller. One day.


What clients expect from Trusted Advisors and why new sales methods are needed. You will learn:

  • Why consultative sales methods aren’t as effective as they
    used to be.
  • Critical differences between sellers and Trusted Advisors and how our clients view them.
  • What has stopped our clients from recognizing the help we've offered them and recognizing our worth.
  • The new beliefs we must adopt in order to earn Trusted Advisor relationships.
  • How our sales conversations will change.
  • What new skills we need to help our clients make decisions.
  • How our clients make decisions and how we can help them do it more effectively.
  • Why facilitating buying decisions will lead clients to work with us as Trusted Advisors.

- Part 2 -
The Skills – Facilitating Decisions

Led by Sharon Drew Morgen. 3 days.


Learn the revolutionary Buying Facilitation Method® that teaches buyers to manage internal variables so they can make complex decisions and design solutions effectively.

  • Beliefs: The beliefs and assumptions needed to support Trusted Advisor behaviors.
  • Questioning: How to create facilitative questions through the Buying Facilitation process to truly help buyers decide.
  • Listening: How to hear and mitigate unvoiced concerns or emotions, hidden assumptions, gaps, and beliefs that block or extend decision-making.
  • Mapping client systems: What are the systems the clients live with? What needs to change in order for them to make a business decision or to purchase? What do they have to know or believe differently? How can the Trusted Advisor help them with these decisions?
  • Choosing: How to choose appropriate communication tools with each client and in each interaction.
  • Collaborative partnering: How, with whom, when, and why.
  • The Buying Decision Funnel: What is it; how it helps buyers recognize and manage all internal systems variables to reduce delays and ensure that all internal concerns are addressed effectively.
  • Buying Facilitation: How to facilitate client decision-making, and reduce sales cycle time, increase trust, closing ratios, loyalty, and ethical business practices.
  • Trusted Advisor Skills: What are they, and how to add them to your current sales skills.
- Part 3 -
Implementation – Creating and Maintaining Loyalty;
Building Your Business

Led by Nick Miller. One day.

How to carry the advisor skills into every conversation, across contexts, and over time. In this segment, you will learn to:

  • Advise and Sell: Once you have facilitated your client’s discovery and decisions, how to frame your advice and recommendations so clients will listen . . . and how to recover when you blunder.
  • Manage time and priorities:
    • Setting priorities . . . choosing where to invest your time.
    • Maintaining contact and visibility to expand the relationship.
    • Marketing and prospecting for new relationships – how to differentiate yourself from conventional sellers.
    • Prospecting with the new facilitation skills.

Program Dates and Locations:

Trusted Advisor Part 1 April 13, 2004, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Trusted Advisor Part 2 June 9 – 11, 2004, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Trusted Advisor Part 3 September 7, 2004, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

All programs in Atlanta, Georgia airport hotels.
Registration in advance for all three segments is $4,000.

Register now online or call Nick Miller at (978) 897-5665 or Sharon Drew Morgen at (512) 457-0246

Customized in-house programs are available.
Call Nick or Sharon Drew for details.



Course Leaders:


Sharon Drew Morgen is the author of NY Times Bestseller Selling with Integrity, Sales on the Line, and Buying Facilitation®: the new way to sell. She is an entrepreneur, international business/sales consultant, and keynote speaker. Sharon Drew has dedicated herself to supporting businesses in aligning People Factors in all areas of business communication. www.newsalesparadigm.com

  Nick Miller is the author of The Sales Accelerator and Winning at Prospecting. He is President of Clarity Advantage Corporation. Clarity assists financial services and professional services companies to develop stronger client relationships and accelerate sales revenue.